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Hi, I'm Deadcoder, my interests include programming, architecture, and TV production. I loved Code Lyoko when it first premiered in America on CN, and was disappointed when it was in hiatus between the 1st and 2nd seasons. I like Code Lyoko because it has a lot of genuine innovation, such as the season 2 animation, which was the same technology used in Skyland, and Avatar, although I hated that film. Why? because it was just a combo-knockoff of fern gully on a decent budget and blue man group, with decade old animation technology, and it won a bunch of awards.

I was the first person to get over 2000 editing points. As of 4/15/2013, I'm the number one editor. As of, 5/22/2013, I'm the only person who has broken 3000 and 4000 editing points. For a while I was the only one who had broken 2000, but William Dunbar has since gained that distinction.

File:10 jeremie does some science.png

Can you see the garage kids reference hidden here?

My favorite pages[]

  • William Dunbar
  • If we had a page for all of the mirror fights, such as the one between William's clone and William, or the one between Xana-Ulrich and Ulrich, It would be #3.

Things I do on this wiki:[]

  • Co-run the forum.
  • 90% of the work on the actor pages.
  • Sort through the absurd backlog of images. "William does a lot of this too."
  • Deal with maps.
  • A bunch of other stuff.
  • Configure redirect pages
  • Act as our unofficial liaison to Wikia.
  • Provide a lot of our tech work.

Pictures from Code Lyoko I happen to like[]