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Ducksoup is just a mild-mannered reporter from Metropolis. Honest.

Hello! I'm Andrew, and I'm your technical community manager. I started here at Wikia on the Community Support team in March 2014 after working in QA for a few years. I loved working on the back end, but after a few years, I started to miss working with the community. Luckily, Wikia had a perfect hybrid role for me, so I am one of those fortunate people who wakes up excited to get to work.

About Mr. SoupEdit

If you see me in the wild, it'll probably be at Smash Bros (Pikaaaa PIKA!), Memory Alpha, and/or 24. When I'm not being a dweeb, I love wandering around the city until I find someplace interesting to eat. I also keep in semi-shape by riding my bike up the steepest hills I can climb, as well as by telling San Franciscans that I'm a Dodgers fan and sprinting away from the angry mob.

Contact me (Or don't. Your choice.)Edit

My talk page is always yours to use and abuse. I also pop into Community Central chat on occasion and you can always use our Contact page for any general questions.

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