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My best friend

Hello Everyone,

I am originally from Landstuhl, Germany and I have been living in the US since June 2004 - in 4 different States! (Hawaii, Illinois, Washington, California and back to Illinois) I am married to my best friend and I have 3 beautiful children.

My other best friend and companion is Riley. He is a blonde Cairn Terrier. He is 5 years old and loves to hang out with me, chase squirrels and play, play, play. 

In my free time, my family and I like to go see sports events and now that we live close to Chicago, we will support the Chicago Bears! My most favorite team are still the Golden State Warriors!

Music is my first love - and I frequently go to different concerts, including classical music.

Since we just moved to Illinois, we will have lots of exploring to do. I heard that Chicago has great festivals in the summer — and most importantly — a german Christmas market all of December. That one will definitely be a priority for me!

Wikia's office in Chicago will move to this fabulous building in July:


I am a passionate traveler and I am always up for getting on a plane to go see new places. I have seen all but 5 US States and I have been to a lot of different countries. 

I love my job as the Community Support Manager for the German Wikia Communities. Its so much fun to work with my team and the Wikia users.

Life is great and I haven't been bored in years. I am planning on keeping it this way!