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A book that some people have asked me to write.

About meEdit

I lurk on the forums and in Wikia IRC, helping out where I can. I'm an administrator at a few wikis, and an avid coder.

I also have a blog post for solving common annoyances or problems with CSS and JS, which can be found at User blog:Monchoman45/Improving your interface with CSS/JS.

If you have questions about a forum response, CSS/JS, or anything else, you can always ask on my Talk page.


This is a list of pages you probably don't care about, but I'm linking because I use them sometimes.

Sub-pages Edit

Monchoman45 Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js/i18n.js
Monchoman45/Nosig Monchoman45/Sig Monchoman45/SigReal
Monchoman45/Talk Monchoman45/foo Monchoman45/global.css

Templates Edit

User:Monchoman45 User:Monchoman45/Admin User:Monchoman45/Random Edit
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