• My occupation is Director of Community Support at Fandom.
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  • Bio My dog is my obsession, making jewelry is my passion, chocolate is my addiction, and Fandom is my delight.
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Hello, I'm Sannse Carter Cushway.

I'm occasionally asked about my name... it's pronounced "san-seh" or "san-say".  It's a nickname I've been using since about 2001, and I'm now in the process of making it my legal name.  Of course,  my mother will still call me Lisa!

I used to live in a small town on the East coast of England, but have now moved to the wondrous land of San Francisco! I am part of Wikia's community support team.

My Wikipedia user page is at Wikipedia:User:Sannse, I joined the project in December 2002 and was active there for several years. I'm also a big fan of Uncyclopedia, and have contributed several photoshopped images to the site. My user page there is at Uncyclopedia:User:Sannse.


The best place to contact me is on my Message Wall. Or you can mail the community team using the online contact form.

If you want live help, there is usually someone available on the Wikia chat. Why not join us there?

Words of WisdomEdit

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