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Me, wikiman, will share some information with you about Wikiman. The term WikiMan refers to an (then) emergent Wikia user which page has not been reached for some time.

wikiman originals Edit

There are original wikis made by wikiman for the wiki comunity.

  • UN.USED TO: This wiki is noted by it's particular style of writing. The goal is to deliver the unusual lifestyle.
  • PINN PANELLE Wiki: The wiki about american Electronic Rock band Pinn Panelle.
  • UnderLine Blank: The unique creative center, Ub invites people to create innovate pages, art with text, and more.
  • FXON: Short for "Fiction", invites users to make a series with characters, events, etc. Its direct sister wiki is FanFXON, aimed at the fanfiction community.
  • WikiDesignUnion: A platform for designers of wikis where they can share their work with others.
  • MindLight: Here people can share ideas for the goal of shaping the future.

presence Edit

You can check my presence right here on the sites listed below.

wikiman originals Edit

Part of the UBN: [UnderLine Blank] [FXON] [FanFXON] [WikiDesignUnion] [MindLight] [HeraldryNation]
Other wikis: [UNUSED.TO Wiki] [PINN PANELLE Wiki] [Fault TGW]

adopted by wm Edit

[Fanverse Wiki]

wm participates in Edit

[Universal Fiction] [Megaman Fanon] [Everybody Edits Wiki] [Transfanon] [MLP Fan Labor] [The Zelda Fanon Wiki] [MakingTheCrossover] [The Hasbro Fanon Wiki] [Power Rangers Fanon] [Kamen Rider Fanfiction Wiki]

to be adopted in the future Edit

[Bluhbuhduhbuhduh Wiki] [[1]]

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Want to tell me something? Check my talk page. And I have wm-associated talkpages on the sites I have been. Just look for them!

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